News / 21.09.2016

Amendment of the Act on Freedom of Movement

Due to complaints of the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) regarding the implementation of the Citizens Rights Directive in Liechtenstein, several amendments of the Freedom of Movement Act have been enacted. The amendments entered into force on 1 August 2016.

As of now, the right of permanent residence is not dependent on the formal grant of a permanent residence permit any more. Instead, EEA citizens gain the right of permanent residence as soon as they have lived in Liechtenstein for five years without interruption provided that there are no reasons for revocation or expulsion.

The strict requirements for factual life partners of persons with a residence permit seeking a joint residence permit have been eased. Instead of the previously required five-year relationship, a duly certified permanent relationship is necessary. The life partners must now be at least 21 years old (instead of 30 years) and the person already residing in Liechtenstein must have been living in Liechtenstein for 5 years (as opposed to 15 years). The requirement of the five-year residence does not have to be met if the factual life partner moves to Liechtenstein together with the person holding the residence permit.

The law now provides for "further entitled persons" which are enabled to apply for joint residence with an EEA citizen resident in Liechtenstein under certain conditions. They are defined as persons who were economically dependent on the EEA citizen in their country of origin, who lived in a common household with the EEA citizen, or who strictly require care personal care by the EEA citizen.

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