News / 01.11.2015

Conference: 17 November 2015, University of Liechtenstein: The Cross Border Dimension of Banking and Capital Market Law

International private law (with international procedural law) and its interfaces with the financial services field have never been explored in depth. The organisers, the Propter Homines Chair of Banking and Financial Market Law and Prof Matthias Lehmann (Institute for International and Comparative Law of the Law Faculty of the University of Bonn) have taken associated examples of legal practice, including from Liechtenstein, as their cue for an interdisciplinary legal conference at the University of Liechtenstein.

The subject of the conference is international private law in the four German-speaking legal systems and European legal relations within the context of important practical financial market issues.

With Prof Eckert (University of Innsbruck), Dr Gasser (Law Firm Batliner Gasser), Prof Jung (University of Basel), Prof Micheler (London School of Economics and Vienna University of Economics and Business), Prof Sethe (University of Zurich), Prof Stadler (University of Constance), Prof Thole (University of Tübingen), Dr Wachter (Universities of Innsbruck and Liechtenstein), Prof Wilhelmi (University of Constance), Prof Winner (Vienna University of Economics and Business), an unequivocally high-profile panel from the four legal systems in question has been assembled.


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