News / 01.05.2015

Consultation report on legal aid law

Liechtenstein's legal aid law is to be reformed. The deadline for the consultations on the Government report is 2 August 2015.

A reform seems necessary as the costs of legal aid have increased significantly in recent years due to a sharp rise in the number of legal aid cases. In addition, legislative action was required due to the decision of the Constitutional Court of 27 October 2014, according to which, legal entities in Liechtenstein may not be excluded from the possibility of recourse to legal aid.

The reform serves to enable legal aid in future through purposeful innovations geared to stabilising the costs of legal aid. For instance, the assignment of a legal aid lawyer for representation in court will in future only be possible if this is actually necessary to safeguard rights owing to a difficult factual and legal situation. In future, a legal aid application should only be made using a document instituting proceedings. This is intended to reduce or completely prevent proceedings that are hopeless or that are indeed instituted wilfully. The option to lodge an appeal against court decisions through legal aid is to be limited. The period of limitation is to be extended from three to ten years. The right to restitution is to be exercised more often in future.

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