News / 30.06.2015

Convention on Cybercrime

The report and application to Parliament to ratify the Convention on Cybercrime was adopted on 30 June 2015.

The government endorses the need to combat abuse of the Internet and the related risks such as data theft and data manipulation. Illegal activities through abuse of the Internet are widespread and are expected to continue to rise in future. Owing to the global nature of the Internet it is virtually impossible to effectively combat cybercrime with national penal legislation. The fight against cybercrime requires cooperation at international level.

The Council of Europe has taken up the reins and has drafted an international convention that punishes offences committed using the Internet or other computer networks. This serves to combat, in particular, infringements of copyright, cyber fraud, child pornography and violations of the electronic networks security. The international cooperation in relation to the prosecution of these offences is to be strengthened by means of common criminal legislation to protect against cybercrime.

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