News / 23.08.2017

International Private Client Forum 2017

Lake Como on 2-4 November 2017

Today, Legal Week launched the much-anticipated programme for this year's International Private Client Forum - a comprehensive overview of the key topics which will be discussed at Villa d'Este in Lake Como on 2-4 November 2017.

This year's theme will focus on 'Disruption' and its ability to create challenges and opportunities for clients and their families. Disruption can be presented in various forms, from family conflict to geopolitical instability, each requiring a completely different set of skills.

For Private Client Lawyers across the globe, the importance lies in their ability to protect and support families and their business during all types of disruptive situations

On Friday 3 November 2017, our Senior Partner Dr. Johannes Gasser will discuss the topic "The Ultimate Trusts Checklist" as a panelist together with other international experts.

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