News / 31.07.2016

Liechtenstein Data Protection Quality Seal

The Principality of Liechtenstein introduced a law on certification of data protection rules by regulation dated 10 December 2013 to ensure the protection of data in products, systems, procedures and organizations. For identification of the certification, the Data Protection Quality Seal was set-up.

Certifiable are exclusively the products, systems, processes and organizations, which are mainly used for processing of personal data or the use of such personal data, including data generated about the user. The certification of products, systems, processes and organizations shall include the company’s data protection policy and the respective data protection concept, the organizational and technical arrangements to achieve the stated objectives and the auditability of data processing.

Subject of the certification text is the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of the processed personal data, the avoidance of storage or other processing of unnecessary personal data, the transparency and recordability of the processing of personal data and the technical measures to support the user.

The Liechtenstein health care organization (FKB Gesundheitskasse) is the first company that received such data protection quality seal. Dealing with insurance data in accordance with all privacy requirements is guaranteed.

It is important for the Liechtenstein state that data processor in the use of products and services is committed to a level of data protection beyond the legal minimum requirements. The certification is valid for three years but the fulfilment of the conditions will be checked annually.

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