News / 21.06.2016

Liechtenstein Tax Conference, 28. June 2016, Universität Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein Tax Conference is designed as a supra-regional conference for the corporate, bank, fiduciary, insurance, management and consulting sectors. The goal is to discuss current developments in national, international and European tax law and to determine their effect on the business and financial centres of Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland and the respective market participants. Recognized national and international experts in practice and theory deliver lectures on concrete experiences and scientific findings.

Program: Tuesday, 28.06.2016

  • Panama Papers: Nutzung und Besteuerung internationaler offshore Vermögensstrukturen
  • Internationale Steuerpolitik: Akuelle Entwicklungen
  • Steuertransparenz: Global Forum, AIA und WB-Register in Liechtenstein
  • Bekämpfung der Steuervermeidung: Umsetzung von BEPS in Liechtenstein
  • Weitere Änderungen des Steuergesetzes: u.a. Erhöhung Mindestertragssteuer

If you are interested you can register via the following link:

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