News / 15.02.2018


Cross-border succession planning regularly confronts family businesses and their consultants with complex issues and contains numerous obstacles of both a legal and tax nature. In addition, there is the peculiarity of the family-owned company, in which different interest and objectives of the participating families and their members play a major role. The involvement of families especially the next generation as part of family constitutions and similar instruments is therefore very important. A particular conflict potential is inherent in the founders’ claim to hold together and secure their assets in the long term, which is often in contradiction with the interests of the next generation, which sees itself as being limited in their freedom. Through the deliberate use of the various design instruments, including the next generation, the succession of assets can be secured in the long term.

The conference will focus on these topics within the framework of the conference’s four focus areas in a practice-oriented manner and from the different national perspectives of Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany. The peculiarities of the family-owned company are described as well as the limits and possibilities of family constitutions and the instruments of long-term asset binding such as private foundations, funds and the possibilities within the framework of the arrangement executorship.

Our Senior Associate Mag. René Saurer is pleased to attend as a speaker on the subject of “Foundation and Trust – Possibilities for structuring the transfer of assets without conflict” and hopes that you will continue to accompany him on his journey and is looking forward to seeing a large number of you at the Conference

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