Our fields of advice

1 Administrative Law

We advise our clients in all matters relating to administrative law and represent them before all administrative authorities and courts of all instances up to the State Court of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Due to very restrictive provisions for foreign nationals with regard to taking up residence in Liechtenstein, the representation of foreigners intending to apply for a residence permit in Liechtenstein has formed a very important aspect of our work and hence is one in which we have been able to develop special expertise. In this context the ability to commence work plays an essential role and in this regard we advise and represent both employers and employees.

Within administrative law, public procurement law constitutes another key field, one in which our law firm has successfully advised a great number of clients over the years and thus built up profound expertise.

Our administrative law services focus on:

  • Representation before administrative authorities and courts in all administrative procedures
  • Representation before the State Court of the Principality of Liechtenstein in constitutional affairs
  • Legal advice with regard to the commencement of work and the establishment of foreign companies and employees in Liechtenstein
  • Legal advice on applying for a residence permit for foreign nationals in Liechtenstein
  • General advice with regard to public tendering procedures in accordance with procurement law
  • Construction law consultancy, including construction management
  • Advice on matters relating to property transaction law
  • Comprehensive advice and representation in all aspects of trade law
  • Legal opinions in matters relating to constitutional and international law
2 Arbitration and Litigation

Litigation and arbitration have always been a key aspect of GASSER PARTNER’s work. Our scope of work in this regard encompasses all areas of civil law, in particular the key fields of business and corporate law, including foundation and trust law.

If a case cannot be settled out of court, we represent our clients in all the aforementioned areas before Liechtenstein courts, administrative authorities and arbitration panels. Liechtenstein’s procedural law offers a variety of means to assert a party’s claims: thus, we provide our clients with comprehensive advice in order to establish their optimal solution.

Arbitration plays a particularly important role in the areas of trust and corporate law because it ensures confidentiality and prompt resolution. Our firm’s partners are frequently appointed as arbitrators and are senior members of the Liechtenstein Arbitration Association. The quantity, quality and wealth of experience to be found in GASSER PARTNER enables us to work on large and complex international cases and cooperate with international colleagues.

GASSER PARTNER has published a book in English on litigation and arbitration in Liechtenstein, which particularly seeks to enable our clients and affiliated lawyers to gain an insight into the prevailing legal situation in Liechtenstein.

Our litigation and arbitration services focus on:

  • Litigation in relation to civil and commercial law matters before all Liechtenstein courts of all instances
  • Representation with regard to debt enforcement proceedings and enforcement measures
  • Advice and representation regarding recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Liechtenstein
  • Asset recovery
  • Representation in arbitration (ad hoc, ICC, UNICITRAL, etc.)
  • Presidency in arbitration courts, appointment as party-arbitrators or sole arbitrators
  • Client or court-appointed legal expert in all matters relating to Liechtenstein law
3 Banking and Capital Markets

Advising and representing national and international banks, asset management companies, investment firms, payment service providers, trust companies and other financial service companies have always ranked amongst GASSER PARTNER’s core competencies. We particularly advise on every aspect of the establishment, merger and acquisition of financial market operators. Regarding everyday financial market operations, we draft contracts and general business terms and provide legal opinions.

Our banking and capital market services focus on:

  • Representing financial market participants before all of Liechtenstein’s supervisory bodies (FMA, FIU, etc.)
  • Advice and representation regarding license acquisition for banks, investment firms, payment service providers and other financial market participants
  • Assistance with the establishment of branches and representative offices
  • Advice on drafting bank contracts and documentation
  • Legal and compliance
  • Advice regarding outsourcing
  • Assistance in the prevention of money laundering
  • Consultancy on M&A transactions
  • General advice on the establishment and reorganization of banks
  • Advice and representation regarding creditor protection, risk capital, shares and stock markets
  • Investor protection
  • Advice and representation regarding employee share ownership
4 Competition Law and Intellectual Property

The importance of international antitrust, intellectual property and competition law for the Liechtenstein financial center arises from the fact that many Liechtenstein domiciliary companies and structures are the owners of trademarks, trade names, patents and other intellectual property rights. GASSER PARTNER ensures that your rights are duly registered and appropriate measures are taken should there be any violation of these rights.

Furthermore, we advise and represent companies regarding unfair commercial practices and non-competition agreements.

Our competition law and intellectual property services focus on:

  • Filing trademarks and designs
  • Advice on drawing up license agreements
  • Advice on the creation of software contracts
  • Advice on drafting IT contracts
  • Advice regarding outsourcing
  • General advice in the areas of telecommunications law, antitrust law, competition law, trademark protection, corporate brands, patents and copyright
  • Advice and representation with regard to trademark registration in Liechtenstein and abroad
  • Consultancy on internet and domain rights
5 Compliance

The Liechtenstein financial center is internationally oriented, characterized by its global connections. GASSER PARTNER uses these connections and provides comprehensive assistance throughout international financial and fiduciary transactions. In this context, legal issues may arise relating to the fight against money laundering, insider trading, breaches of banking secrecy and judicial assistance, all of which must be proactively regulated. A great many banks, trust companies and other financial market participants rely on our longstanding experience and international network.

Our compliance services focus on:

  • Drawing up legal opinions and advising on due diligence
  • Due diligence related to M&A
  • Advice in connection with money laundering and notifications
6 Corporate, Foundation and Trust Law, Commercial Law

We support our clients in the establishment and management of companies and structures. Furthermore, we advise and represent companies and enterprises throughout domestic and international mergers, drafting agreements for the merging companies, their shareholders and directors. Moreover, we conduct related due diligence reports. Following the termination of a company or structure, we process the liquidation or bankruptcy. As regards commercial law, we draft contracts in the fields of licensing, franchising, intellectual property and investments.

Our corporate, foundation, trust and commercial law services focus on:

  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions in Liechtenstein and abroad
  • Legal due diligence
  • Setting up companies, trusts and foundations
  • Advice on business organization
  • Consultancy regarding joint ventures and shareholder agreements
  • Drawing up agreements in the fields of licensing, franchising, distribution and other aspects of trade
  • Consultancy regarding product liability
  • Advising and representing beneficiaries, organs, other stakeholders, Liechtenstein companies, trusts and foundations
  • Asset recovery
  • Advice on the restructuring of companies
  • Analysis and optimization of existing structures
  • Expert opinions
  • Advice and execution of liquidations, reorganizations and capital adjustments
  • Consultancy in D&O liability
  • Advising management in all company-related legal fields
7 Criminal Law

Our law firm advises and represents individuals and institutions in all matters of Liechtenstein criminal law. We particularly benefit from many years’ successful experience defending clients against accusations of complex economic crime and representing fraud victims in asset tracing cases.




Our criminal law services focus on:

  • International judicial and administrative assistance
  • Coordination of cross-border procedures
  • Representation before criminal courts
  • Asset tracing
  • Enforcement of private claims in criminal trials
8 Data Protection

Personal data is an extremely valuable asset that must be protected. Due to the steady development of IT and the potential for its abuse, the legal field of data protection has markedly increased in importance in recent years. Unfortunately, legislation has lagged behind these trends, resulting in data protection law being regularly subject to reforms. Due to our longstanding experience in this field, we advise our clients on the legal options provided by Liechtenstein data protection law and represent them before all authorities and courts.

Our data protection services focus on:

  • Advice on intragroup data protection rules
  • Assistance with outsourcing
  • Compliance with Liechtenstein data protection law
  • Expert opinions in the field of data protection
  • Advice and representation regarding data loss and data theft
9 Employment Law

The increasing flexibility of the labor market constantly offers not only new opportunities but also fresh challenges to employers and employees alike. Our lawyers intensively study all relevant legal developments and thus are always right up to date with regard to legislative changes and recent court decisions. Proactive personnel planning, organization and structuring is essential for company success. We offer comprehensive consulting in all areas of individual and collective employment law. Likewise, we also comprehensively advise employees regarding their statutory and contractual options.

Our employment law services focus on:

  • Representing our clients before Liechtenstein courts of all instances
  • Advice and representation in connection with the preparation of employment contracts
  • Advice on termination
  • Assertion of salary claims, particularly in cases of illness or accident
10 Insurance & Investment Funds

Our law firm advises clients in all aspects of national and international insurance law. We advise policyholders in the legal aspects of insurance policies and assist them with the enforcement of their rights.

We assist insurance companies in every possible stage of the company life-cycle, from formation through to dissolution, and advise on the establishment of branches in Liechtenstein. We provide specialist advice regarding product distribution and the representation of interests in insurance supervisory procedures.

The application of the Investment Companies Act laid the foundations for the development of Liechtenstein as a fund center. In recent years investment funds have developed into an increasingly popular form of investment. Due to the international integration of the Liechtenstein financial center with European legal standards, investment fund law is considered an exceedingly complex legal matter, rendering early consultation essential. Our comprehensive know-how enables us to advise our clients on all aspects of investment fund law.

Our insurance and investment fund legal services focus on:

  • Advice and representation in all insurance matters governed by public and private law
  • Consulting in the field of insurance contract law and liability law
  • Assistance with the establishment and management of insurance companies
  • Advice on the establishment and restructuring of investment funds
  • Advising investment funds and their investors as well as asset management companies and depository banks
  • Comprehensive legal advice for investment funds and other investors
  • Advice in regulatory issues relating to fund management, asset managers, representatives and distributors.
11 Private Clients, Asset & Succession Planning

GASSER PARTNER has a long tradition of advising families and private clients (in particular high net worth individuals) in asset planning and inheritance law. In particular, consultancy in the trustee sector has always been one of our core competencies.

The establishment of Liechtenstein foundations, trusts, stock corporations and complex international structures for optimal asset planning are carried out in collaboration with leading Liechtenstein trust companies. Asset planning includes both the estate planning of individuals and the maintenance of companies. We support and advise the setting up and management of companies and structures. In court, we represent foundations and boards of directors to protect companies and structures. Moreover, we represent beneficiaries intending to assert claims against companies and structures. Furthermore, we assist our clients in procedures concerning wills, donations, matrimonial property contracts, inheritance contracts, estates and trusts before Liechtenstein and foreign courts.

Our private client, asset & succession planning services focus on:

  • Establishing and structuring Liechtenstein foundations, trusts, establishments, public companies and other legal entities
  • Advising and representing beneficiaries, company organs, other parties, Liechtenstein companies, trusts and foundations
  • Analysis and optimization of existing structures
  • Expert opinions
  • Comprehensive advice in the field of asset and inheritance planning (wills, inheritance contracts, marriage contracts)
  • Corporate reorganizations, including succession problems pertaining to private entrepreneurs
12 Real Estate

GASSER PARTNER advises companies and private clients who hold or intend to acquire or dispose of property in Liechtenstein. Furthermore, we advise and represent our clients in all areas of construction law in Liechtenstein and draft construction contracts regarding properties in Liechtenstein.

Our real estate legal services focus on:

  • Assistance with land acquisition in Liechtenstein and abroad
  • Creation of property contracts of all kinds
  • Action to protect property and ownership
  • Consultancy and representation in all building approval procedures
13 Tax Law

Due to its low tax rates, from the financial perspective Liechtenstein is still a very attractive location. Our years of experience in this field enable us to develop tailor-made solutions linking national and international tax law to minimize your tax burden.

To avoid unfair or double taxation we represent our clients not only before the Liechtenstein tax authorities but also utilize our global network to provide representation before international tax authorities.

Our tax law services focus on:

  • Tax planning and consultancy for individuals and institutions concerning national and international taxation
  • Consultancy relating to international agreements (double taxation agreements, FATCA, LDF, AEOI)
  • Tax advice relating to relocation, reorganization and company transactions