News / 19.08.2016

Remedy sent via E-Mail is in a timely manner

The Supreme Court of Liechtenstein has ruled in its decision from the 03 December 2015 (LJZ 2016, 9, 01 CG.2013.37) that a remedy is in a timely manner if it is send via E-Mail, as long as the writ of the remedy is attached as a PDF file to the E-Mail. The lack of the original signature of the party or the lawyer on the writ of the remedy is an amendable formal defect. Whether it is later on necessary to hand in the original signed writ of the remedy or just sign the PDF version of the writ after the transmission, is a decision that is upon the court, which has to prove the admissibility of the remedy. 


With this decision, the Supreme Court of Liechtenstein goes along with a ruling of the Constitutional Court of Liechtenstein that a remedy, which is sent as a PDF file via E-Mail, is – because of its homogeneity to a telefax – in a timely manner (StGH 20.09.2010, GE 2011, 73, StGH 2009/208).

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