Litigation and Arbitration in Liechtenstein, Second Edition

Ten years on, the first edition of Litigation and Arbitration in Liechtenstein is still the definitive English text. Overwhelmed by requests, GASSER PARTNER of Vaduz presents a second edition for the benefit of clients and colleagues in this field. Some chapters have been updated with the latest developments in case law and statute, whilst the sections on arbitration and the enforcement of foreign judgements have been entirely redrafted. In 2011 the Principalitys law on arbitration underwent wholesale redesign: this book is the first to thoroughly illustrate the practical consequences of these changes and provide a précis of Liechtensteins legal provisions and regulations governing arbitration.

Liechtensteinisches Stiftungsrecht, Praxiskommentar
  • More than 300 Liechtenstein and other Supreme Courts'  decisions regarding Liechtenstein Foundation Law, some hitherto unpublished, covering the last 50 years
  • Practice-oriented presentation of the major legal aspects of both the new and old Foundation Laws with case law examples
  • Structured comparison of the new and old Foundation Laws, from the original 1926 version up to the comprehensive amendment of 2008
  • Extensive  bibliography

Dr. Johannes Gasser, LL.M. is an attorney and senior partner with GASSER PARTNER, Vaduz. He mainly counsels and represents international clients in court or towards authorities. Dr. Johannes Gasser frequently publishes professional articles with regard to the foundation and company law in Liechtenstein and acts as chairman of the Liechtenstein Arbitration Association (LIS).


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