Competition Law & Intellectual Property

The importance of international antitrust, intellectual property and competition law for the Liechtenstein financial center arises from the fact that many Liechtenstein companies and structures are the owners of trademarks, trade names, patents and other intellectual property rights. We ensure that your rights are duly registered and that appropriate measures are taken should there be any violation of these rights.

Furthermore, we advise and represent companies regarding unfair commercial practices and non-competition agreements.

Main fields
  • Filing trademarks and designs

  • Advice on drawing up license agreements

  • Advice on the creation of software contracts

  • Advice on drafting IT contracts

  • Advice regarding outsourcing

  • General advice in telecommunications law, antitrust law, competition law, trademark protection, corporate brands, patents and copyright

  • Advice and representation with regard to trademark registration in Liechtenstein and abroad

  • Consultancy on internet and domain rights