Private Clients, Asset & Succession Planning

We have a long tradition of advising families and private clients (in particular high-net-worth individuals) in asset planning and inheritance law. In particular, consultancy in the trustee sector has always been one of our core competencies.

We establish Liechtenstein foundations, trusts, stock corporations and complex international structures for optimal asset planning in collaboration with leading Liechtenstein trust companies. Asset planning includes both the estate planning of individuals and the maintenance of companies. We support and advise upon the setting up and management of companies and structures. In court, we represent foundations and boards of directors to protect companies and structures and represent beneficiaries intending to assert claims against companies and structures. Furthermore, we assist our clients in procedures concerning wills, donations, matrimonial property contracts, inheritance contracts, estates and trusts, both before Liechtenstein and foreign courts.

Main fields
  • Establishing and structuring Liechtenstein foundations, trusts, establishments, public companies and other legal entities

  • Advising and representing beneficiaries, company organs, other parties, companies, trusts and foundations

  • Analysis and optimization of existing structures

  • Expert opinions

  • Comprehensive advice regarding asset and inheritance planning (wills, inheritance contracts, marriage contracts)

  • Corporate reorganizations, including succession problems pertaining to private entrepreneurs